Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Symptoms of Heart Disease

This morning we will provide articles on the symptoms of heart disease article is a continuation of our previous post titled What is Coronary Heart Disease

1 Symptoms of shortness of breath
If you experience an unstable breathing aka shortness of breath, beware. Usually affected by asthma. However, an attack of shortness of breath is one symptom of heart disease. The explanation is that if there is heart disease sometimes - sometimes there is fluid into the lung cavity - lung, it is disturbing the air when it goes into the lungs - lungs until finally did experience shortness of breath. If when sleeping or resting, you experience shortness of breath, then you fall into the category of chronic heart disease or advanced.

2 Often dizziness and even fainting

If you often experience dizziness in the head until unconscious, then it is one of the symptoms of heart disease. Generally, people with heart disease experience it. This is a result of work on the weakened heart muscle so that blood being pumped does not work normally and the supply of blood to all parts of the body to be fucked.

3. often experience pain

If you are experiencing pain certain parts of the body, usually due to deficient supply of blood supply in some parts of the body. So that the body has cramps or pain. In addition, also experiencing chest pains every day. If you experience these symptoms see a doctor immediately.

4. heart palpitations often called palpitations.

Symptoms of this one should be on the alert as well. Symptoms often heart pounding often appear without reason you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Usually these symptoms are accompanied by other symptoms.

5. Easy fatigue and dizziness

When the body is often weak there is usually a supply of blood to the body is not working normally. In order not to weaken the performance of your heart would be nice check regularly and mild exercise. Avoid bad habits like alcohol, opium, or other smoking.

6. Indigestion

In one study known women are twice as likely to experience vomiting, nausea and indigestion for several months leading up to a heart attack than men. This condition occurs because of blockage of fat in the arteries reduces the blood supply to the heart that usually occurs on the chest can sometimes arise in the stomach.

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