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How to Treat Heart Disease by Exercising

on this occasion we will give the article titled about how to treat heart disease by exercising this article is a continuation of our previous post entitled cause heart disease

The development of science and technology cannot be separated from issues of health, lifestyle and sports. Most people are not concerned with how important health through sport in comparison with the excess life patterns. Sometimes their lifestyle regardless of its negative effect on health even did not know what that symbol. A less rewarding lifestyle for example: smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, staying up every night, eat foods that contain a lot of excess and chemistry, and so on. The activities of the working body physiologically gunning for extra work and ultimately destroys the function of the organs which resulted in the emergence of cardiovascular disease. Sport is one of the most powerful and inexpensive to prevent and cure for people who suffer from heart or not. Types of exercise are good for sufferers of heart is exercise is aerobic, gymnastics, such as the road, run, ride a bike, do housework and so on. However each sport requires a format or rules. Before practice at the start with a warm-up and ends with a cool-down. With 30 minutes of daily exercise can improve heart health and provide effective benefits for health. In time this will become a habit that is difficult to change and become a person's active lifestyle.

Causes of Heart Diseases

               There are many factors that can lead to susceptibility to heart disease. The main factor is the lifestyle issues that cause the build up of disease as in the body. But there are several factors which can not be changed, such as age and heredity. One of the heart disease that often leads to death is coronary heart disease (CHD). CHD occurs when blood vessels in the heart are responsible for carrying blood to all parts of the heart are narrowed. Coronary Heart Disease is caused by a lack of movement or lack of physical activity and obesity, can be prevented by exercise. Disease or lack of movement that we are familiar with Hypocinetik Deseases spur our bodies to store fat which does not work in our bodies, and especially in the heart. So that will narrow the blood vessels as the transport path food juices flow and oxygen

                 Forms of Rehabilitation for People with Heart Disease. Sport is not only beneficial for healthy people, but also proved to be good for those who have suffered from heart disease and had experienced a flattening, in order to improve the quality of life. However, keep in mind that patients post-treatment heart or heart attack should not be practiced carelessly without the supervision of experts who determine the appropriate program for him. Through regular exercise that is aerobic (walk, run, swim, riding a bicycle) can improve the ability of the heart and lungs. It is allows a person to feel tired and will not dilate blood vessels the heart (coronary arteries) so that the blood flow more smoothly, reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood, lower blood pressure, which are all factors major CHD.


                 Today has recognized the concept of an integrated early rehabilitation by the team rehabilitation by involving various disciplines of sports medicine, nutrition, physiotherapy science, psychology, and so forth. Rehabilitation aims to restore the state of the patient as soon as possible and if possible, restore to the original state before the illness. In accordance with this concept early rehabilitation, patients after a heart attack and complications after cardiac surgery would get an early exercise program...


1 With the physical activity that exercise can reduce the risk of
heart attack due to bad lifestyle such as smoking plus the pressure
high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity physically be at risk two times more
heart attacks.
2 By exercising 30 minutes per day may improve heart health and
effective for health benefits. Over time this will become a habit
are difficult to change and become an active lifestyle person.
3 Does not require much time to be fit. For example brisk walking, running,
cycling, doing household activities, and so on.

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