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Congenital Heart Disease in Children

In this post we will provide article titled about congenital heart disease in infants of this article is a continuation of our previous post titled 10 Ways To Prevent Coronary Heart Disease

what are the symptoms of congenital heart disease....?

Congenital heart disease in children under five are still quite a lot of sufferers. Fortunately This disease can be overcome even if the cost is quite large. Also we must be very careful when children suffering from a sorethroat. Because, if not totally eliminated, the streptococcus bacteria be the source can lead to rheumatic heart disease is difficult to cure.Congenital heart disease in children is not a rare disease. Among the 1,000 children born alive in the United States. Thus, this disorder is not only suffered by children in developing countries or poor. Better known as leaky heart or blue heart disease, among other disorders because the bulkhead separator chambers or left and right auricle or not closed yet perfect. As a result, the heart does not function properly And the heart that pumps blood throughout the body. Blood containing 96% acidic substances (blood clean fresh red) of the left ventricle of heart flows throughout the body through the arteries. When returning to the right ventricle, the blood is no longer clean and color changed to older. At that time the levels of acidic substances stay around 60%. However, The next dirty blood is pumped back from the right ventricle, flow into the lungs for

                inhalation of acid to become clean again. That blood flow in the body, which unabated throughout our lives.If the separator is not sealed bulkhead perfect, of course, bad blood will be mixed with blood clean. This may lead to impaired cardiac work, so often issued blue signs, particularly on the fingernails and lips sufferers. However, if levels of acidic substances in the blood is still around 80%, generally not to bring signs
blue, Growth of children who suffer cardiac septum leakage is also inhibited. appetite reduced and infants with this disease generally strong not suck milk. Children looked lethargic and easy to accomplish. When X-rayed, the heart appeared enlarged and the examinationstethoscope noisy sound (murmur). In addition, children unrelenting cough\and fever. Congenital disease called because a leak occurs in the womb. Supposedly, baby's heart is fully formed by the age of three months of pregnancy. But, because of some
things such as the mother's German measles or rubella, there was imperfection that. According to dr. Ganesja, mothers who gave birth at age 35 years and over, or her husband had elderly (over 55 years) was sufficient risk of having babies with these birth defects. Tranquilizers, painkillers nausea or certain herbs given during early pregnancy, exposure to radiation, lack of vitamins, smoking (active and passive smokers) also
could be a culprit. Plus other genetic factors that are not or have not known cause. Leakage heart bulkhead between the patients with another is not the same. However, many were lucky because the bulkhead closed by itself before a child two years,

                  Whenever bulkhead can or needs to be corrected, when no longer needed or can not be corrected,according to The heart specialist, depending on whether or not the patient is quickly sent to the doctor. Sometimes, the leak is so small so it does not need to be corrected because it will not
interfere with his health throughout his life. The suffering will be severe if the leak is large enough settling for
many years, for example, until the child reaches the age of 9-10 years. If blood clean dirty blood mixed silenced for so long, there will be a change in the his lungs. Because the lungs will continue to accommodate excessively dirty blood which will accumulate over time, so it can lead to increased blood pressure in
lungs. Circumstances it is called pulmonary hypertension. Symptoms, patients often feel shortness of breath,
very lethargic, and weak. Child's face also appears bluish. These conditions have said to be severe and difficult to be repaired again. The late incident, according to dr. Ganesja, approximately
2% of the total patients. The delay is usually due to ignorance of the parents with
about these defects, costs, lack of information, or inadvertence of the doctors who examined him.

                   Infants aged a single day, if in a pinch, can be 'repaired', Although of course the greater the age of the baby will be more easily because the heart gets bigger organ difficulty level surgery of congenital heart disease, according to dr. Jusuf Rachmat, specialist cardiac surgery from the same hospital, is highly dependent on the location and severity ofthe disorder. There are quite a one-time correction, there is a gradually until
several times. During open-heart surgery is necessary machinery heart-lung function that replaces the heart and lungs for a while.

                  Leaks in the bulkhead chambers of the heart, as it says dr. Jusuf, more easily repaired compared with bulkhead auricle. Because, the portico walls thin and pressure is not high, whereas at higher chamber pressure and muscle thickness. Small cubicles leak enough 'stitched' alone. In the larger leaks need 'patched' with the wrapping membranes of heart, he said. While leaks in booth 'patched' with some kind of synthetic fabric material dekron or Gortex, the lifetime life will not be rejected or can be fused with the body.
The success rate of congenital heart surgery, according to this cardiac surgeon, the better. Now success can be above 95% and the children will stay healthy until grew up, he said. Failure generally because there are factors other abnormalities outside the congenital disease,

Damaged heart valves

         In addition to heart disease bulkhead leaks, no longer a heart disease in children is often suffered, namely rheumatic heart disease. Therefore do not be taken lightly when your child sudden high fever (39 - 40oC) coupled with a red throat white patches. Who knew he was stricken with streptococcal bacteria. If these germs are not completely eradicated by antibiotics or penicillin, it is feared will leave toxins
trigger rheumatic fever 1-2 months later. According to dr. Ganesja, the number of patients with rheumatic fever who come to Hope Heart Hospital We're in one year about 10-20 children aged 5-6 years. Average of rheumatic heart disease among children from low socio-economic communities in the country with a dense population, such as Indonesia, India, and the PRC. Because the state of their homes many slums,
less hygienic plus the distance between neighbors are very close together so that the bacteria easily transmitted to other children. To watch, every sore throat without antibiotic treatment appears
cured, not considered safe. Be careful also when other symptoms such as pain in the moving joints, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, raised patches red or small bumps on the skin. Plus the kids perform movements unusual and uncontrolled like to move their heads or hands. Therefore,
Such signs may be symptoms of rheumatic fever if not immediately resolved, the child could be damaged or wrinkled heart valves or muscle weakness heart. Immediate treatment is penicillin injections every four weeks once for five years. The cost of all injecting approximately USD 25,000, -. For more severe
circumstances treatment can be up to 25 years! Inevitably this must be done regularly until complete so as not to relapse again. Because if negligent, could occur recurrence is more severe, said dr. Ganesja.Dan is common in ur society, dr. Jusuf. This cost is still cheaper than if you had surgery to repair or replace the damaged valve. According to dr. Jusuf, replacement of the valve can sometimes the patient's own body tissues, or to be of synthetic material. Most of the time the damage or necking can occur in two valves.
In the case of heart muscle weakness, completely healing often difficult to achieve, except at most, with the help of drugs throughout his life.

                   Dr. Ganesja recognized, the issue of cost is a major barrier to treatment or surgery. How could they fund operations worth up to USD 35 million? said dr. Ganesja Especially if you have to replace the valve of similar material metal exorbitant price and durability is only about 10 years old & quot ;. The price of a
valve approximately USD 12 million - USD 20 million. In congenital heart disease were on average elderly patient is still relatively young, with average income mediocre. In fact, the cost began to USD 10-15 million (for those which only requires one surgery) to USD 24-35 million! Therefore funding from third parties such as the Indonesian Heart Foundation, the donation viewers and lovers of a favorite show on a private television station, etc.. course is a noble act and be one solution to the problem costs on those who are less fortunate. The hospital in this case has also been provide special funds for those less fortunate, but still not sufficient.
They, toddlers and people with other congenital heart defects originating from
families can not afford, we still need a helping hand so that they can meet a better future.

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