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How to Treat Heart Disease Naturally

        In this post we will explain how to naturally treat heart disease, including heart disease is the number one killer in the world many people are willing to spend lots of money to cure this disease, other than by way of medical treatment of heart disease can be cured in a natural way without need to spend a lot of money as long as we patiently and diligently follow the steps that I will write below, heart disease is divided into several types such as: coronary heart disease, rheumatic heart, hypertensive heart and congenital heart abnormality that causes the lung.Heart disease can affect anyone, whether it's parents, children, men and women. Of all human groups can be heart disease. In general, heart disease arises due to an unhealthy lifestyle that trigger the onset of this disease, there are also some diseases that can have an impact on heart health as well.

Types of Heart Disease

     Coronary Artery Disease
     cardiac arrhythmias
     Heart Failure
     Heart Valve Disease

If you suffer from any kind of heart disease, you should be more careful because heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world, especially in developing countries. Thus, if you suffer from heart disease immediately overcome several heart disease treatment that you can do with the various ways in which bypass surgery blood flow diverted from the area of ​​narrowing in your coronary arteries

Some tips to treat heart disease naturally

Naturally treat heart disease can begin with the arrival of the prevention of heart disease such as:

- Roads 30 minutes each day can lower the risk of heart disease 30%, identify the blood pressure reaches 115/75 do so, regular exercise, reduce fat in the stomach because it will cover the vital organs when blood pressure decreases abdominal fat is needed to decrease drastically.

- Eating nuts 250 g each day will increase the levels of good cholesterol and can reduce inflammation, nuts can be heart healthy because it has omega 3 fatty acids, high in protein and fiber.

- Tomato Sauce, try eating 10 tablespoons of tomato sauce a week, tomato sauce filled with potassium which can lower blood pressure healthy choose plain sauce.

- Strowbery, strobery fruit contains anti-inflammatory that can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer may improve vascular.

Treating heart disease naturally can use the following ingredients:

· Breadfruit
The breadfruit leaves contain flavonoids and sitosterol were efficacious for the heart and blood vessels able lower cholesterol and can inhibit the accumulation of the blood vessel wall of the aorta, do take 1 breadfruit leaves new old picking from the tree and boiled with 5 cups of water until the water is reduced to stay then add half again with 5 cups of water boiled again by half then strain and drink the water for a day to do this until a week.

· Turmeric
This nutritious turmeric dissolve blood cholesterol that clogs blood vessels, how grate 4 vertebra turmeric finger turmeric grated and brewed earlier with ½ cup hot water for 15 minutes then strain and drink the juice can be added with sugar or honey to taste.

· Avocado
This fruit could slow down the absorption of carotenoids, especially beta-carotene and lycopene is very good for heart health because it can reduce LDL or bad cholesterol while continuing to work to raise levels of HDL in the body.

· Sweet potatoes
Sweet potato contains phytonutrients that can accelerate the body's cells are damaged and blood circulation, pressing the blood sugar to remain normal and effective distancing of heart disease.

fruit Soursop

     Health Sciences Research Institute are taken based on the habits of the Indians who live life in the Amazon jungle. some as part of this tree bark, roots, leaves, fruit pulp and seeds, over the centuries into a cure for the Indian. Graviola or soursop believed to cure heart disease, asthma, liver problems (liver) and rheumatism. In addition, soursop leaves also contain tannin class of compounds, phytosterols, alkaloids and asetogenin. The substances that are lower blood pressure, suppress the activity of the heart. In addition, the leaves of the soursop has vasodilator properties, which dilates the vessels that clogged blood sugar levels and lowers the blood within that trigger heart attacks

Mangosteen fruit

     Efficacy of mangosteen as heart disease medicine is in line with research Dachriyanus. Researchers from the Department of Pharmacy, Andalas University, the mangosteen extract showed 30 mg per kg bodyweight 24.55% can lower total cholesterol levels blood of mice. Once Dachriyanus increasing the dose to 100 mg, cholesterol levels fell 42.26%. three research then performed in Kaohsiung and Taipei, Taiwan, and Oregon, United States in 1996-1997. The result: Kaohsiung research proves that antithrombotik xanthone compounds, it is important to treat heart disease and stroke. Xanthones relaxes blood vessels into the heart, so it is very important for people with heart disease.

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