Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hallmark of Heart Disease

On this occasion we will provide articles on heart disease more accurately about the traits or symptoms of heart disease, as we know heart disease is the number one killer in the world in America alone topped heart disease as a human killer, new after the traffic accidents and cancer diseases 
Heart disease sufferers often ignored not only the lack of knowledge about the symptoms of heart disease but also because of the high cost of care and treatment of this disease. From day to day with heart disease in America is increasing not only among adults is caused from the age factor but also among teenagers and even children though read Congenital Heart Disease in Children 
As written earlier average initial heart disease patients have even less attention to deliberately ignore the symptoms of the disease symptoms. With an attitude like that would be bad for their health later in life .Which worse heart disease is divided into several types of which are heart disease, rheumatic heart, hypertensive heart and congenital heart disease caused by lung - lung. so the patient will be difficult to determine what type of heart disease in misery than that sufferers will also experience difficulties related to the search problem of intensive treatment. 
Some of the symptoms - symptoms of heart disease that is often ignored is

1 Excessive Anxiety 
2 Often fatigue 
3 Swelling of the legs and abdomen 
4 Pain in the chest 
5. Breath tightness 
6 Nausea excessive 
7 irregular heartbeat rhythm 
8 Often sweating 

Heart disease arises due to irregular lifestyle and lack of attention to the physical condition of the body in some cases in the United States many people have died of a heart attack this attack occurs suddenly and at once the patient had died instantly. Actually abnormalities of the heart can be detected already with us immediately recognize symptoms and treat it better if we take precautions beforehand. 

Probably got here just an article about the symptoms of heart disease is less clear if that can be asked in the comment box below and thank you so

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